Easy on the Eyes Hypoallergenic Mascara by Bubble & Beau

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Finally, a mascara that takes care of your lashes. Our Hypoallergenic Mascara is a nourishing formula specifically formulated to promote healthy lashes. Made with Chamomile, Beeswax and Rosemary our "Easy on the Eyes" Hypoallergenic Mascara is waterproof, long-lasting and gentle on your lashes.


Chamomile nourishes and improves the overall health of your lashes, Beeswax create a natural breathable barrier to protect lashes and keep your mascara going strong all day, while Rosemary stimulates lash growth.



Nourishes lashes

Improves over all lash health

Contributes to growth of lashes



Waterproof, Long-lasting


Natural barrier protects lashes




Stimulates and promotes hair growth