Window Cling Solar Charger for Smartphones

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Introducing the Window Cling Solar Charger for Smartphones and more! The surface plate of the window cling charger creates a suction to cling to the glass window and gets solar powered.  It is almost 6 inches square and has an internal polymer battery that stores up to 2800 mAh power. The window cling has a light indicator that indicates when the battery is getting charged and when it is fully charged. It can charge any phone that has a USB charger plug. An iPhone or similar phone will charge in 2 hours from the stored battery charge and in about 6 hours from solar panel to phone. Cling Bling can charge any other electronic device that uses a USB cable to charge.  This window solar charger battery can also be charged from any USB port to store a charge and then top it off with solar power on the go. It does not require anything beside the stable light source to charge. It can also be charged at night with an indoor light source.